A Major Prize! A Major Award!

Fra-gee-lay!  Must be Italian…

I had my own little Christmas Story moment when a huge box arrived for me yesterday – a prize!  A Major Prize!  First thing I thought was that it could be a leg lamp.  But this box wasn’t thick enough to have a lamp.  Maybe it was an official Red Ryder carbine-action 200-shot range model air rifle.  But that would mean I’d probably shoot my eye out.  Best bet was to open it and find out.

After tearing open the box with much enthusiasm from myself and Sir Crosserston, it revealed… another box.  This time with even more tape to keep me from finding out what it was.  So again, I attacked the next level of packaging to reveal… something wrapped in 8,923,116 sq ft of bubble wrap.

About 25 minutes later, and having popped about 11% of the bubbles, I decided it was time to break the law and just remove the bubble wrap and save it for later.  I know, I live life on the edge.  Tearing off the bubble wrap, and temporarily losing Sir Crosserston in a sea of bubbly plastic, the Major Prize! was finally revealed: a framed, signed movie poster of “The Kids Are All Right”.  Obviously I remembered entering the competition to win this.   Because I have such a great short-term memory.

So yes, I am now the proud owner, not of a delightful leg lamp, but of an indescribably beautiful movie poster that reminds me of the Fourth of July.  Or something.  I turned off all the lights to see what it looked like from the street, but then remembered that I couldn’t see my apartment from the street, so it was a silly thing to do on so many levels.

Now to figure out who I’m supposed to thank for it…


~ by eddie on August 25, 2010.

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