A Photo To Pass The Time

•February 5, 2009 • 8 Comments

I’ve been AWOL for a while, but I’ll be back soon.  In the meantime, I needed to share this photo with you.  It is of course of Ryan Adams and the rest of the Cardinals, but there is something about it that I just love.  My fave piccie I’ve seen for quite some time.  It is linked to the Auckland show review where I found it (also an awsome review).


As a fellow blogger might say, I’ll be back with you soon, kittehs. . .


The 99 Update

•January 8, 2009 • 4 Comments

So a couple of weeks back I described my Facebook 99 plan, which is still going well, but then I came across this wonderful piece of marketing by Burger King:


I’m not sure what more I can say about this, other than of course be floored by its awesomeness. And it actually lets your friends know – yep, Eddie would rather have a free Whopper than be your friend. LOVES IT!

Awesome. Just Awesome. . .

•December 26, 2008 • Leave a Comment

Zompire new idea 1


The 99 Rule

•December 13, 2008 • 10 Comments

I Facebook. Is it a verb yet?  Maybe, it matters not.  Most of us now seem to Facebook too.  There is a degree of Facebook etiquette to learn, some are good at it, others aren’t.  Then there is also the issue of friends.  Some people have thousands, some have a few.  Some people ‘friend’ anyone they remotely know, others don’t.  

I have made the decision to go with the 99 rule, which basically means that I can’t have more than 99 friends.  My reasoning behind this is that as much as I know lots more than 99 people, I’m really not that interested in what they’re doing every 8 minutes of the day, or to keep rejecting their requests to throw snowballs at me.  The other big reason for doing this is that theoretically you will end up with 99 freaking awesome friends, and I really don’t need any more than that.  I only have a handful right now, so 99 would be almost suffocating.  

When I first decided to do this, I had to ‘purge’ a number of friends as I was well over the 99.  And it felt good.  The only problem is figuring out how to pick the ones who don’t make the cut.  It was easy for those – anyone who I had never seen a single update from, or if I had never heard from, were obviously not worth taking up the 99, and were probably just using Facebook for stalking purposes.  I’m back up to 101 this weekend, so I’m about to head over to the list and purge a couple.  If you’re reading this blog, it’s unlikely to be you, because it shows that you put up with a lot of inane shit that spews from my mind, so it makes you a good friend.  Or mildly retarded.  Either works.  If it is you, then I apologize.  Well, I don’t, because it means that you’ve not said a word to me in the past year, although I’m sure you can find someone who just loves to have 1,254 friends, and be special in their life instead.

Law And Magic

•December 11, 2008 • Leave a Comment

While I work, the TV is generally on in the background, partly as some white noise for me, but also for the puppies so they don’t bark at every person who walks past the front door.  It’s often similar things that are on; hockey talk shows, hockey games, documentaries, nature stuff, movies, and more recently, thanks to A’Hottie, Law & Order.

It’s the latter one that manages to cause confusion every day.  I’m paying scant attention, but I’m getting the background gist of what’s happening, and then all of a sudden they start to use magic as evidence.  I get perplexed.  Then I realize that Charmed has been on for the past 20 minutes without me knowing, and I feel like a fool.  Well, more of a fool than usual.

Although some sort of spin-off between the two would be quite interesting.  OK, it would really suck, but it would make me much less confused every afternoon.  I need to get out more.

Fight For Your Right To Partie

•December 10, 2008 • 4 Comments

I have issues with language – spelling, grammar, punctuation, you name it, I have issues with it. My issues aren’t always based on the ‘correct’ use of these tools of ours;  I am not perfect in my use of most of them, but it still doesn’t mean that I can’t be frustrated.

So today I’m taking umbrage at the letter ‘Y’. Ooooh, ‘umbrage’, what a wonderful and sadly underused word. OK, blog-post within a blog-post:


Eddie’s Word Of The Day: ‘Umbrage’

Let’s face it, when was the last time you used umbrage in a conversation? Never? Probably. Use it today, lots of times, and then it will catch on, and umbrage will be used around the world so much that eventually America will love it so much that they will remove the ‘u’ like they do in all words, and it will become mbrage. Le Siiiigh.


Where was I? Ohhh yes, the letter ‘y’. Now, I don’t completely hate the letter ‘y’, it does have its place in society. One of my biggest problems is with ‘the letter y as a vowel’. It’s bull-shit. It’s lazy. It’s ignoring all of the great work that the ‘i’ and the ‘e’ do in this world. If you want to hunt down this lazy ‘y’, it’s the one you have to replace with an ‘ie’ when you make the word plural. ‘Calamity’ becomes ‘calamities’, ‘party’ becomes ‘parties’, you know the ones. So basically, the ‘y’ takes all the glory in the singular word, but then just can’t cut the mustard when it needs to add some friends, and so the ‘ie’ comes in to save the day.  What a crock.

Well, you know what? It’s time we brought back the ‘ie’ in all forms of the word. Whenever you see the ‘y’, break free from the laziness, and go with the ‘ie’. Really we should only do this with words that are pluralized, but screw that. The ‘y’ has been taking the glorie for too long – throw the ‘ie’ in everywhere you can. We already accept it in some words – we talk of a zombie, not a zomby, a cookie, not a cooky, and a brownie, not a browny.

So, it’s time to be sillie, scarie, and downright crazie as we fight for the real vowels of this world.  Spread the word – use the ‘ie’ everywhere you can, Facebook status, chats, depositions. . . everywhere.

Make EddIE proud.

Just Your Average Hotel Room

•December 10, 2008 • 3 Comments

First, may I just apologize for the snow in here – during my reconstruction efforts, I’ve had to remove the roof, so the snow has started to come through – why shouldn’t you all experience some Chicago?

I’m on the road for a couple of days, and I’m staying in a ’boutique’ hotel, a chain I’ve stayed in before, and was expecting to find nothing but your average hotel room, only smaller, because that’s really what ’boutique’ means.  I walked into the room, and indeed, the room was small.  Looking around my room, it had the  usual amenities – desk, mini-bar, plasma TV, safe, pocket etch-a-sketch, . . . wait, what???  I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve been in a hotel room and all I’ve wanted to do was sketch something with a couple of dials, just in miniature.  And now I can.  Well, that is if I get bored with the yo-yo that is also in the room.  I actually missed work today because I was just yo-yo’ing my little English heart away.  I didn’t even get around to the snake puzzle – if I was only staying a little longer.  Oh, and I can also purchase the yoga CD that is here – I really don’t understand the concept of a yoga CD, but I’m not so intrigued that I’m going to pay $15 for it.

Then I opened the wardrobe to grab the ironing board so I could iron my shirt.  The ironing board was there, right next to the leopard-skin pattern robe, boxer shorts, and camisole.  Because, ummm . . . I have no idea about the because here.  And chatting to  Missy earlier this evening, she asked me if these glorious items of clothing were unisex – I can most definitely report that the camisole was very tight on me when I tried it on, so no, they are not unisex.  And there is no photographic evidence to prove this.  None whatseover.

And then it was time to shower this morning – yes, readers, we’re going to get X-rated now, so if you’re easily repulsed, please step away from the blog.  So I step into the shower, and do all things shower-related, and after a while I’m super-clean, and smelling like whatever scent the  soap was supposed to be.  I then turn the shower off, and pull open the shower curtain, and almost drop dead when I see Robin Williams standing in front of me, naked.  Yes I was shocked – who wouldn’t be?  Then I realize that the bathroom door had swung open to position the full length mirror directly in front of where I would step out of the tub, inches from my face, and it was my own naked body that had scared me so much.  Yes, I do share body characteristics with Mr Williams.  I believe they call it hirsute.  Well, yes, also “damn hairy”, but hirsute sounds so much better.

All of this was incredibly hilarious to me, which was most definitely needed after waking up at 4am, as awake as I could ever be, thanks to the puppies conditioning my body to wake up at 6am, and the pacific time zone assisting with the other 2 hours.  Makes it even more bizarre that I’m writing this blog post at 1:30am, a matter of hours before I  need to wake up to catch my flight back home.  Oh, insomnia, how I *heart* you.